But I Can’t Run 7.34! It Must be 8 Even!

We have all been there. You have to hit the exact number of miles on schedule for today, not a bit less (of course you can go a little over, duh). You push and push and push to make it there. Yes sometimes it hurts and you’re sore and want to cry but dammit you’re going to make it to the end of your training run.

I was there on Monday. I decide what is an 8 mile hill run. Well, it is pain wrapped in sore thighs encased with burning lungs with a bow of tight aching calves. I was doing pretty well for part of it but then I realized I was over ambitious with how many miles I was doing on hills. I was getting slower and slower.

I was getting on the verge of just doing miles because the schedule said so. Instead of my last one mile loop I headed home. I knew I had gotten in a really good workout and that the number on my watch reading 7.34 miles shouldn’t get me down. But I was supposed to do 8!

During the last mile I thought about it and how to add another mile but about a quarter into it I decided to let it go. My workout kicked ass and I didn’t need numbers to tell me that. I’m glad I chose to finish my workout strong instead of slogging on. Because it was a training run. I can kill myself during a race but Monday night was not the time to do that.

In the end my thighs ended up being so sore for two days straight that I was waddling around. Good workout accomplished, even at 7.34 miles


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2 responses to “But I Can’t Run 7.34! It Must be 8 Even!”

  1. sarahdudek80 says :

    Good for you for letting it go. Sometimes it is so hard! I too love my even mileage!

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