Pros and Cons of Long Distance Relationships

Today the Beast and I celebrate seven years of dating. We met when I was 16 and he was 18 and after lots of flirting and saying no the first time (you know trying to play hard to get), we started being boyfriend and girlfriend. It sounds so silly and at the time I don’t know what it really meant.

Our first date was at O’Charleys, super classy, and he got good poisoning so after dinner we cuddled on the couch while he recovered. We spent the first few months of our relationship hanging out constantly as you do when you’re young and in love.

Then that summer the Beast went off to a military college. It was the beginning of long distance. When I went to college I chose a school that happened to be close by. Many people wonder if he influenced my decision or not. Honestly, maybe a little at the time, but I interviewed at a lot of places and that’s the one I fell in love with.

When he graduated he went back to Richmond while I had another year of school. Then I graduated and moved to DC. So long distance has persisted.

While sometimes it’s really irritating, at my young age having a long distance relationship that I’m comfortable in because he’s my best friend and I trust him is amazing.

So I thought I would lay out a list of pros and cons.

Pros of Long Distance Relationships
1. No obligations in the evening
2. Hang out with friends all the time
3. Lots of gym time at weird hours (because I like that for some reason)
4. Ability to grow and learn about yourself
5. Independence
6. Weekends are like mini vacations together
7. Missing someone can sometimes be good for your relationship

Cons of Long Distance Relationships
1. You don’t get to see them for a random weeknight dinner
2. When times are rough, they are there on the phone but can’t always be there in person.
3. Coordinating weekends can be hard
4. Jam packed weekends of fun (okay not really a con but it does make it exhausting)
5. Okay, you may get lonely
6. Working out on weekends together feels like it draws time away from each other (unless you workout together which doesn’t always work for the Beast and I)
7. Leaving at the end

Okay these might be the most random lists ever but they are my reasons!

This is after our one month anniversary.

At a football game together

At a castle in Scotland

On the Eiffel Tower in Paris

At the Beast’s graduation

Ring Figure at his school

Fancy Dress at my school


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