Another Snowstorm

So DC got another snowstorm. You’d think that in mid March the weather might decide to switch to spring but not yet, even though spring officially starts later this week.

But let’s get to last week’s workouts!

Sunday: REST

Monday: weights + 7.34 miles of hills Back to weights finally! And it felt so good. Even though I didn’t lift again for the rest of the week. Slowly but surely adding it back in. However the hill workout was good but hard. It only took two days for my legs to finally recover and for me to be able to walk without wanting to cry.

Tuesday: 2 hour bike ride Yes I was terrible and slept through the nice weather and sunshine. Instead I biked while watching my favorite shows and catching up and I don’t regret it one bit. It was awesome.

Wednesday: REST After Monday’s workout and then the bike my legs were ready for a day off.

Thursday: 6 mile speed workout I rocked this workout. Seriously so proud of myself still for it. And the weirdest part was it felt easy. Maybe this bodes well for my upcoming 10k…and sprint triathlon.

Friday: 65 minute bike I may have been supposed to do a brick workout. However, I didn’t. Whatever. I was too excited to get down to Richmond for my anniversary.

Saturday: REST

Sunday: 12 mile run This was the first time in awhile that I worked out while hanging out with Jeremy. I find it really hard to drag myself away when our time together is limited. But this Sunday I decided in needed to get my long run in. The weather was meh. A little chilly and no sun. Oh and the first 1.5 miles was almost straight uphill. Made for a terrible beginning but an awesome end. Oh and I did it in 2:22 which is pretty good for an easy run keeping my heart rate down.

Two weeks until the Monument 10k.

Three weeks until my first triathlon of the season.

I want to vomit.

Enjoying some green beer for St. Patrick’s Day.


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