Crank It Up

My couch feels amazing after my run today. I am cuddled up under blankets having taken a shower and eaten some spaghetti and I’m watching Scandal. Nothing better to recover from a long run.

But before I get into today’s run let’s go through the rest of the workouts from the week.

Monday: REST I took full advantage of the snow day by sitting on my couch and relaxing. I highly recommend some serious couch time on rest days.

Tuesday: 135 minute bike Another day on the trainer. The snow was melting but I wasn’t sure what the trails would look like. I’ve also found the perfect two hours of shows for my bike ride – The Walking Dead and Once Upon A Time. They make for good biking. However only two more weeks of Walking Dead…so I will have to find something else to occupy me.

Wednesday: 75 minute bike I may have done another day on the trainer. I’ve been taking naps right after work because of killer headaches. Hopefully I figure out the headaches soon so I can workout earlier. I biked to The Office, I was rewatching some episodes. Who doesn’t love a good lighthearted show?

Thursday: two part 5.5 mile run I went to the gym in the morning as was running a little late so I only had 40 minutes to run. I was supposed to do a speed workout but I just couldn’t run. I kept a slow steady pace at 11:19 for 3.5 miles, stretched, and felt like crap. My legs just wouldn’t move. So I resolved to run 2 more miles when I got home that evening. These two miles went a little better but my legs still wouldn’t move.

But that’s okay because then I went to see Divergent at 8pm aka the new midnight showing, which this old lady is all about. I went with a couple of college friends including the lovely lady Alex at The Run Within

The movie was beyond words. I’ve read all the movies and was really happy with the film. Also Four exceeded all my expectations. He was beautiful. The Beast isn’t very happy about my latest obsession.

Friday: 10k hill run After Thursday’s run I was blown away by how awesome this hill run was. The hills were tough and my legs burned on the ways up but I kept going and kept pushing.

Saturday: BRICK workout I did a run to bike workout. I set out for a 4 mile run (which ended up being a little short unfortunately) with a pit stop to pick up a movie from Redbox. Unfortunately the machine was broken. I was not happy. And I was sweating profusely. The poor people around me. Then I came back and did a 70 minute trainer bike ride (okay, yes I have been doing a lot of indoor rides, but I am slightly terrified to go outside again) to Scandal, my new obsession.

Sunday: 14 mile run This was a bitch. It took me three hours which is slow even for me. However this is the longest run I have EVER done so that may have contributed.

The first six miles I ran into 20 mph winds. I wanted to give up during the first mile but I kept chugging plus I knew that the good thing about an out and back run was that the fastest way to get home was to run.

At mile 6 I decided to try a run on the trails nearby for the first time ever. The trail I was running on disappeared and the muddiness and picking through the brambles made this a super duper slow mile averaging 15 minute pace. There were a lot of logs to jump over and I had to duck a lot. Then on my way back after deciding that I had definitely lost the trail and I was ambling about, I hit my head super hard on a low hanging thick tree branch. I stopped and checked my head. I stood there for about five minutes to make sure I was okay. While it hurt, it was just a bump so I decided to keep going. I had my phone on me (as I always do) and texted the Beast so he knew what happened. I was ready to call a friend or cab to pick me up just in case. Luckily in about half a mile the pain dissipated.

The next 3.5 miles went okay. But then it started to get cold and I was getting tired.

The last 3 miles felt like torture and I just kept thinking one foot in front of the other. Just keep going. Think how amazing this is going to feel. Think of the accomplishment. And I did it.


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