Rough Training Week

Well that 14 miler last Sunday knocked me flat on my ass. This is going to be an abbreviated post because last week was just rough.

Monday: 5 mile walk/run I decided that a shakeout run was needed. I took it as easy as I possibly could and I walked whenever I needed to. It was slow and painful but I think it was good to get my legs out there and doing something. Maybe five miles was a bit much but I did it.

Tuesday: 60 minute bike I had planned on doing two hours but my legs would not cooperate. They just flat out said fuck you.

Wednesday: REST I couldn’t move and I was beginning to worry about my 10k on Saturday. By the end of the day my calves felt about a million times better.

Thursday: 1 mile swim Since I was still worried about my legs I swam and it felt amazing. I just kept pushing and pushing. I warmed up with 200m then did 4x50m at increasing speed followed by 1000m in zone 3. Finally I capped it off with a 200m cooldown.

Friday: REST

Saturday: Ukrop’s Monument 10k in Richmond Race review coming hopefully tomorrow!

Sunday: REST although it did include a piece of fabulously delicious strawberry rhubarb pie from Proper Pie in Richmond.

I told you a very boring week since my legs would not cooperate. This week is already starting off better though



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