Let’s Get Down To Business

Race season is starting to kick into high gear and with a half marathon in a couple of weeks and then triathlon season really starting up it’s time to get serious.

I have let small doubts creep into my mind as I gear up for my races. I know that I put a lot of hours into during the winter. But was it enough? Did I run bike and swim enough? Was it okay that I skipped a few workouts or didn’t do two a days often enough? I keep questioning more and more. And the doubt cloud is getting bigger and bigger.

So before my next race I am focusing on my mental state. I am resting and getting quality workouts in. I am trying to lessen my stress.

Another thing that I know I could have done more during the winter training season is focus on my eating habits. The last two weeks I have been reigning in my sweets habit by focusing on more natural sugars. I am already feeling better and my workouts are going better. I can already tell a huge difference.

So as triathlon season starts I have plenty more of races later in the season that more hard work now and eating better will pay off for.

Also anyone with a sweet tooth, I highly recommend Yasso sea salt caramel frozen yogurt bars. They are delicious and nutritious!


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