Running By Feel

For Christmas, the Beast got me a Garmin Forerunner 620. I love it. More than words. It’s amazing and I am obsessed with it.

Maybe a little bit too much.

I started to become obsessed why checking my watch about every tenth of a mile, sometimes I could make it almost a third of a mile but I wanted to stay on pace. I wanted to see how fast I was going and what I could do. So I thought constantly checking my Garmin was the way to do it.

Then I went on a magical 8 mile run last week. I decided to check my watch only every mile when it beeped. The first mile was about normal so I just kept going and instead ran by pushing myself. I was slightly uncomfortable but my breathing was manageable. It wasn’t easy but it wasn’t hard. The second mile somehow was a little faster than the first. And the next eight miles went about the same: either a little faster or I kept my same faster speed than normal.

Was this a fluke or a new way to run? I tried it out for a four mile run Sunday and even I was blown away. My miles went 10:12, 10:04, 9:58, 9:30. And normally I am a 10:30 at the fastest runner for that length of time.

Two times might have shown a pattern, but third times the charm! Today I went for my normal hill run with this killer hill that sometimes I feel like crawling up. I ran by feel for the almost five miles checking in every mile and my normal 11 minute pace for this route dropped to 10:30.

I have decided running by feel has now been proven by science. And this is how I intend on running the Nike Women’s Half Marathon on Sunday. By trusting myself and my running abilities.


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2 responses to “Running By Feel”

  1. Amy says :

    I just stumbled upon your blog today, and I’m so glad I did. I’ve been having the hardest time deciding whether to run by feel or obsessive watch checking for my half this weekend. I was all set to run by effort, but then started having doubts. Your post reminded me how well running by effort has worked for me (I’ve had the exact same type of experience as you). Thanks!

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