Getting Back in the Groove

It’s been awhile since I have done a weekly training recap, mostly because I was letting my training slide and didn’t want to acknowledge it. But what is the point of having a blog to keep you honest about your workouts and eating and what is going right and wrong.
Monday: REST

Tuesday: REST

Wednesday: 70 minute trainer bike ride. With rain showers that just wouldn’t quit, I decided to take the opportunity to ride my bike on the trainer. My legs weren’t feeling up to running yet and I missed pumping away on the trainer. I decided to engage my legs a little bit more and tried to push a lot harder while on the trainer including 3 x 2ish minute sprints. Basically the sprints lasted as long as the commercial breaks for the shows I was watching.

Thursday: REST

Friday: 18 mile HILLY bike ride. Part of my new goal for training is to push myself and my body. So for my long ride this week I decided to add in the infamous Custis Trail. Since I was new to biking on it, I asked someone on the trail if I was heading the right way, and their response was “You know it’s really hilly, right? Like extremely hilly.” That’s when I knew I had chosen the right trail to kick my own ass. I cannot even describe how hilly this trail was. It was like going uphill for almost 3 miles. I couldn’t even make it the full four miles of the trail because I was worried I wouldn’t be able to make it home afterwards. But I did it and I felt good, and now I have a new goal: show those hills who is boss.

Saturday: 2 mile run. 1000m swim. Weight training. Saturday was a lot. I had originally planned on a 7 mile run. Then I wasn’t sure my legs were recovered all the way from the half marathon, so I figured 5 miles at a nice and easy pace would be good to do instead. About half a mile into the run, I felt like complete shit. My legs felt okay, but my lungs were exhausted. I could barely run, let alone keep up a decent pace. About a mile in, I decided to give up and change the workouts for the day because I was only going to hurt myself if I kept going. I came back dripping in sweat probably more than I should have for a 2 mile run at a very easy pace. I changed into different shorts and headed to the gym for my first weight training session in a long time.

Sidenote: I really think that not doing as much strength and core training as I was last fall attributed to my less than stellar performance at the half marathon, so here I am focusing on incorporating it again and not skipping these workouts which are just as essential as running and biking and swimming.

I finished up with a nice cool dip in the pool where I did a 400m time trial after some warm up and exercises.

Sunday: 5 mile speed workout. I arranged with a friend on Saturday to meet at the local high school track for a workout on Sunday at 8am. When I woke up though I really wanted to push it back to get some more sleep but once I was outside, I was really glad to be out there earlier since it was starting to heat up. We started off with a two lap warmup, nice and stead, then did two more laps with 4x20second strides. Once the warmup was done we did our core workout of 6x400m with 3/4 lap recovery run in between. We finished by doing one easy lap then a lap with 2x100m sprints and one last cool down lap and some core exercises. Silly me forgot my watch, so I have no idea what paces I was doing. I went only on pure exertion, and I can tell you right now, I pushed myself. My legs and hips are sore and are happy that I pushed my morning workouts to this evening. They needed a little longer to relax

I promise to be more dutiful in posting. I even have some yummy recipes that I have been enjoying. In particular, I cannot get enough of these bars from runladylike

They are quick and easy to make and delicious. I highly recommend them instead of buying protein bars! I used pumpkin seeds instead of pistachios and cranberries instead of cherries. These decisions were solely based on price. With all the ingredients I bought to make these, I have been able to make three batches so far and I have enough for at least one more batch making these very cost efficient.


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2 responses to “Getting Back in the Groove”

  1. Jesica @rUnladylike says :

    Congrats on a good training week! You had some really strong workouts! So glad you liked my honey and fruit protein bars! I love that you put your own spin on them too! I experimented last week with a new flavor that I may post soon 🙂 Thanks again for sharing, and happy swimming, biking and running!!! xoxo

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