Shark Week

Ready for some girl talk? Warning.

The Beast likes to call this week shark week, code for that time of the month/your period/absolute and utter misery.

As a woman, I find that trying to figure out my body for triathlons and running and everything is hard enough without factoring in hormones and fluctuating body issues depending on the time of month.

I’ve tried to make notes of my hunger levels, cravings, soreness, headaches, etc in order to keep track of how my period affects me. Because it plays a huge factor.

For me, it means a headache and lately soreness in my hips and legs and lower back. I try not to think about it but normally I move my rest day to the first day of my period in order to give my body complete and total rest.

Everyone’s cycles are different but remember to listen to your body and do what works for you! Right now I am enjoying my rest day by catching up on New Girl and The Mindy Project and letting everything rest.


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