Friday Five: Fitness Truths

I am joining my fellow DC ladies for another Five Friday post, and this week is about fitness truths. Make sure you check out CourtneyCynthia, and Mar.

1. I have the worst sweet tooth ever and it is something I need to get under control to make it to the next level of training. It is a constant battle. It is also why I never keep sweets in the house.

2. One of the hardest and most important things to keep in mind for me is that my pace is someone else’s fast and another persons slow. It’s all about what works for me.

3. Moving around when you are at a desk all day is very important. Right now my hips and legs ache from not moving enough this week. I have a new goal of getting up every hour to hour and a half to stretch and move around.

4. Even though working out is very important to me, I have been letting it slip in favor of spending quality time with friends. It’s an important balance to find but right now I need some friend and family time too, which can be hard to find when doing three sports.

5. Improving in any sport takes hard work and I am learning that being comfortable is not the way to move forward and improve. I need to push myself and my limits.

What are your fitness truths?


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4 responses to “Friday Five: Fitness Truths”

  1. Mar on the Run! says :

    Thanks for linking up with us! Love your truths. And so true about trying to move around. I sit at a desk all day too and it’s tough to try and stay active.

  2. Cynthia @ You Signed Up For WHAT?! says :

    I love your #2! I have started running faster lately and am getting into a weird zone of being faster than I used to be and realizing others are still way, way, way faster (even casual runners). So should I keep trying to get faster or just be happy that I’ve sped up? Lots of food for thought!

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