Remember when I completely disappeared

It’s been awhile. Both posting in my blog life and getting out there to get some quality workouts in. I ran once this week because National Running Day, duh. The last time I biked was last Friday. I think I swam last week. And I think that’s also the last time I touched a weight.

The past week has been hectic and a whirlwind, and oh so wonderful. The Beast and I moved in together last weekend, so we spent the entire weekend packing him up, packing me up (halfway), and moving it to our new place. I still have some stuff at my old place that we are working on, but about 80% of my stuff is in our new home and 100% of his stuff.

However, the exhaustion from the weekend has left me tired this week and unwilling to move a limb. To top it all off, we are couch hunting, which means hours upon hours spent looking for the perfect couch in the perfect fabric in the perfect color. When I think about it I think how silly it is, but when I think about a couch as a centerpiece of our home and a place to relax after all my future hard workouts and to hang out with friends, suddenly, I don’t feel quite so silly.

We have both been slacking and we know it. There is still a lot of work to do before my first Olympic triathlon next month, but I am getting back into the swing of things and finding my motivation again and the energy to be able to do anything besides sleep and organize.

The new place also comes with a lot of fitness advantages that I didn’t have at my old apartment.

1. Hills. My old apartment was surrounded by flat terrain and a root growing under a sidewalk was the biggest hill. I could easily do a 5 mile run without encountering a single hill, and I did that a lot because who choses hills. The only exception was when I did hill workouts on the very hilly neighborhood a mile away. Now, however, my new neighborhood is hills galore. When you reach the bottom of one there is another one already beginning. Rollers and rollers for miles. It made for a wicked hard run this week, but I imagine that I could easily get some short bike miles in. The bike trail closest to us is also much hillier than the one near my old place.
2. The proximity of the gym. My old gym was 4 miles away from my apartment, which obviously isn’t huge. However, my new gym is 2 miles away, and running 2 miles to the gym and two miles home is a very easy feat, so this is my plan for going to the gym some days.
3. My roommate/boyfriend loves to workout. My old roommate was a runner in college and biked for fun and most days worked out. She was really great to be around, but the Beast loves weights. I can talk to him more about my workouts and he can help me in the area that I struggle the most in. It’s also really nice to try to plan our workouts around the same time of day so we get home together and can eat dinner still.
4. My new complex has a community pool. While it still isn’t finished, I can only hope that I will be able to swim a few laps in an outdoor pool soon before all the kiddos jump in.
5. Eating habits. Since the Beast and I moved in, we have had to start our food from scratch, and while this makes it look like we don’t eat any food. Currently our fridge has a ribeye steak, eggs, and diet mountain dew (the Beast’s addiction). The freezer has broccoli, okra, crawfish, and another steak. Even our pantry has no sweets or bad things in it. It feels so great to start all over again and I can honestly say that I didn’t have any sweets from Saturday-Wednesday, which is quite a streak for me. We treated ourselves last night, but we plan on continuing our streak.

I promise to post more because one of the reasons I started the blog was so I could be help more accountable, and dammit I am going to do more and be more.

27 days until the Colonial Beach Olympic Triathlon


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