You do you, Boo boo

The title of the post is something that the Beast says to me when I am trying to make a decision. 

I love readin blogs. I love reading about the successes and the trials and tribulations (there are no failures in my book) that other runners and triathletes have. They are inspiring, give advice, and make me feel not so alone in a lot of the barriers I run up against.

However, I have noticed that many of the blogs I read are about people who are doing half marathons or marathons, and half Ironmans and full Ironmans. Not a whole lot of them have an Olympic distance triathlon as their “goal race” for the year. Sometimes, this is hard for me to remember. I am still at the beginning of my journey, and I am still learning to make triathlon and running and exercising part of my life. It is a conscious effort every single day for me to work out. It isn’t easy.

I struggle each and every day to make the right food choices and the right exercise choices (as in…exercise). Exercising in the morning makes me nervous about running/biking outside. I am extremely cautious and have to be out the door by 7am, which means workouts need to start around 5am. That means no sun outside really. Exercising in the evenings means it is sweltering, humidly hot, and I am tired, and want to eat dinner and spend time with the Beast. Oh and I don’t want to have my whole evenings filled with exercise. I like hanging out and relaxing, but I suppose some sacrifices are going to be made soon. 

I began to feel a little burnt out after the wave of races that I planned (Monument 10k, Chasing Chicken Sprint Triathlon, Nike Women’s Half Marathon, Groundforce IT Sprint Triathlon), and I am glad that I moved my one at the end of June to August. I needed some time to relax and recuperate and to let me hip feel better. Taking off all this time has been mentally and physically good for me but it is hard to start back up again. It is hard to say no to the sweets and breads and to getting off the couch and turning off the latest crappy (or good) television. 

I keep thinking, I should do more, I can do more, but with everything going on in my life (moving two households into one and figuring out that situation), I feel that it is enough for me to do the Olympic. I want to do more and I plan to do more, but that is in the future, and that will require me to crack down and be serious about training. I can’t keep goofing off and relaxing as I have been. My goal race is the Richmond Rox Olympic distance in September and I plan to start to train hardcore in a couple of weeks after the move settles down and I am not sore/exhausted from moving boxes and picking out a couch (which by the way, was the most difficult decision in the world for someone who hates spending money but likes comfy, nice things).

And with all of this, I have decided to defer my Colonial Beach Olympic Triathlon to next year. I don’t feel ready and I don’t want to kill myself whenever it would be better to train that weekend.

I am proud of a 9:30 pace 5k, and happy any day a long run averages a 10 minute pace. I am happy that my swim is improving but still 2 minutes/100m. I am ecstatic to see my bike times improving and hitting 15mph averages. I am not fast, and there is a lot of room for improvement, but I tri (see my pun!).


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