Sometimes Plans Go Astray

Yesterday, I planned on going on a run then swimming. Then I realized the pool I wanted to swim in closed at 7, so it made more sense to swim first then run. Then literally walking around my apartment I lost the temporary guest pass to go to the pool, which meant no more swimming for me.

Instead I set out on a easy, slow run. Originally I was supposed to go for only 30 minutes but I figured that since I got rid of swimming I would go for 4 miles and see how long it took.

Spoiler alert: It took 50 minutes.

I started at 6:30pm, when it was about 85 degrees and humid. I haven’t run in awhile. The run was on trails. I wanted to take it easy. Enough with the excuses now, I got out there and I did it in the burning humidity and heat. I was very proud of myself for doing it and getting out there.

I am also in love with the trails near my new apartment. Apparently I live next to a cross country trail that spans 75 miles or so. And everyone there was super friendly. People kept smiling and waving and when I stopped to make sure a bug wasn’t eating my leg off, a guy shouted encouragement to me, telling me to “Keep it up!” I loved it. I loved the atmosphere and the woods and the shade. I think I have found a new favorite place.

And slowly, but surely, I am falling back in love with triathlon training and the sport.


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