Olympic Distance Training – Pre-Program

I figured that as I begin to embark on a 12 week journey to my first Olympic distance triathlon that cataloging my workouts each week would be good way to analyze progress and fitness and how things are going. In addition, starting tomorrow, I will do weekly weigh ins and let you all into this very personal aspect of my fitness struggle. 

In between the program starting and coming off of not doing that much fitness wise during my break, I decided to use this past week to start gearing up and getting ready to begin hardcore training tomorrow. (eeek!!!)

Monday: Bike 19 miles (average 4:28/mile pace). I set off to try out a trail around me calling the Washington and Old Dominion (W&OD) trail which basically only goes up or only goes down in a steady incline or steady decline, nothing too exaggerated. Coming down on the way out was fantastic and I really pushed the pace to under 3:30 on average. Once I turned around to head back though, it set in how much of a help the decline was. I was struggling to get down around a 5 minute pace. It’s not a constant beating of up and downs, but the slow steady incline was wearing. It makes for great triathlon practice though!

Tuesday: Final moving of boxes. This meant the evening was consumed with traffic, packing, and moving boxes. A light weight workout if you will.

Wednesday: 50 minute run. Ooof. This run was hard. It was brutal and grueling and hot and sweaty and oh so wonderful. After taking some time off from running getting out to go running on a trail near the new apartment was wonderful. I slugged my way through 4 miles, and vowed to never go running at 6:30pm again because it was not worth it to feel like I was dying like that. The trail though, was wonderful.

Thursday: Open water swim at the National Harbor – 1200m. WaveOne Swimming hosts a “Happy Hour” open water swim on Thursday evenings an hour and 15 minutes before sunset. My friend Nicole over at Silver and Iron and I headed out to experience a weekday open water swim in the “gorgeous” Potomac River, a real rarity in the DC area where there aren’t a ton of local options for open water practice. I am going to do a post on the experience soon, but I ended up completing 4 laps of the 300m course, far exceeding my expectations.

Friday: OFF

Saturday: 2.5 mile run AKA the worst long run of my life. I decided to lie in for a bit and not rush getting up to go running, which meant that I started running at 9am. BIG MISTAKE. I took our dog Riley out running for a quick run before doing a second lap. She and I planned on doing a 5k but the heat started to get to her and so I cut it short. Then instead of doing a second loop I hosed her down and took care of her hydration needs to make sure that the run wasn’t too much for her. By the time I was done, it was too hot for me to attempt running, but at least a run was accomplished.

Sunday: OFF

Now, time to plan out the workouts for the first week of olympic distance triathlon training.


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