Olympic Distance Training – Week 1

Well if I had to rate this past week I would give my workouts and my eating habits a C. There were some good days and some bad on both counts but overall they were average and I gave an average effort if I am being honest. Just means there is only room upwards to go after this week and sitting here on the couch resisting making cookie dough is a good start.

Monday: 4.5 mile run I woke up early to get this run in and it was still hot and humid at 5:45am. But I did it and that’s what counts. Plus it went much better than my first run back.

Tuesday: 60 minute trainer bike; chest/triceps/abs I ended up biking on my trainer because I went out with some friends post work, which meant I didn’t want to bike in the dark.

Wednesday/Thursday: off Yes I slacked off. End of story.

Friday: hilly 5k run I had planned to do a 5 mile hilly run but my morning milk and cereal was not sitting well and it was all I could do to make it that far. At least I learned a good lesson to not have dairy! Good to know for races.

Saturday: 21 mile bike and back/biceps/abs This long bike ride went really well. My hip slightly twinged but it felt much better. The weights workout after felt good but I was spent by the end of it all.

Sunday: Pool day

Watching the World Cup – USA vs. Belgium


Pool side with a vintage bomb pop


Homemade falling off the bone ribs



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