Olympic Distance Training – Week 2

This week started off really well before completely descending by the weekend, which I will blame completely on my birthday and having far too much fun with family and friends.

Monday: 60 minute bike trainer; weights – shoulders/legs Doing legs at the beginning of the week proved to be quite the rookie mistake but I’m doing pretty well getting my weight workouts in.

Tuesday: weights – chest/triceps/abs Like I said my legs hurt too bad to do anything else, so I just did weights.

Wednesday: 5 mile run; 1500m swim Finally a good workout day. The run was hard and hot but I did it and my speed wasn’t too bad considering the heat (11:11/mile). The swim went pretty well and it felt good to just be swimming again.

Thursday: 90 minute bike and 1700m swim Another strong training day that I pushed myself through. The bike ride on the trainer was rough but I kept pushing and kept going despite protests from my rear. The swim had a 1000m pull that tested me mentally. I kept wanting to stop but I knew I would regret t.

Friday: 75 minute bike trainer and weights – back/biceps/abs I had intended on biking outside after my quick oil change. Then the oil changed turned into a surprise you need four new tires and this will take awhile. I had errands to do for my birthday dinner party tonight but managed to still get in the ride and make everything and have a great party. However this was the beginning of the diet and exercise decline.

Saturday: blackberry picking While not very strenuous, I was sweating profusely for the hour we were picking blackberries.

Sunday doesn’t even bear mentioning. Overall a strong start with a lousy finish but I am getting there.

I don’t know which of these desserts were better. The salted caramel cheesecake with a caramel sauce and chocolate ganache with an Oreo cookie crust made by the Beast or the super chocolatey chocolate cake made by my mom. Hands down the best birthday I’ve had in a very long time and well worth the lost workouts and extra calories.




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