Olympic Distance Triathlon Training – Week 3

I apologize that last week’s update has been a little late, but I have been under the weather. And by that I mean that I have been puking my guts out and barely able to move or eat. In fact, I had my first almost full meal for lunch today for the first time since lunch on Monday. I am thinking it was some sort of stomach virus that I caught, but more on that later and how it has affected my training (once I am actually able to get back to my training).

This week was also the week of irritating small injuries from my iPod band rubbing my arm and giving me a rash to my shorts doing the same thing right under my butt.

Monday: OFF A nice pounding headache to start off last week that went into Tuesday morning. I am really the epitome of health lately.

Tuesday: Bike/Run/Weights – shoulders/legs This legs workout didn’t kill me nearly as much as the one the week before, but my legs were definitely crying for a couple of days afterwards. This run was also brutal, mainly because a torrential downpour started about 5 minutes into my 30 minutes run and persisted the entire time. It also almost killed my iPhone, but luckily, I stuck it in a container of rice and it is good as new now. I wish I could say more about how this run went, but it was just meh, trying to get back into it. The bike was done on the trainer because of the downpour, and lately I have really been digging riding my trainer while the Beast decompresses from his workout on the couch. It’s time together while I can still get a workout in.

Wednesday: Swim 1800m/Weights – chest/triceps/abs I seem to have a mental block on my swim about halfway through. I want to stop around then and just say well that is good enough for now, but if I am going to do an Olympic distance, it really isn’t anymore. It will definitely be enough for my sprint coming up in a few weeks (gulp!) but I need to keep putting in the meters here to get it done.

Thursday: Hilly bike I wish I could fully explain how hilly this bike ride was. I was not expecting it to be quite so bad whenever I set off, but instead of doing the trail I decided to do my neighborhood and explore a little bit more. This required some planning finesse on my part, and I apparently planned the entire ride to either be going down or uphill. There was almost no flat part, which is great for killing my legs and really kicking it into high gear. (Okay, the bike was only an elevation gain of 660 ft but for me and this DC area, that is fantastic).

Friday: Swim 1600m/Weights – back/biceps/abs My swim is really starting to improve and I am starting to feel more like a fish. The back and forth in the pool just requires me to empty my mind and not think at all because otherwise it starts to get really monotonous really fast.

Saturday: Bike/Run/Bike/Run Brick I roped my mom into doing this brick workout with me that consisted of 20 minutes of biking, 20 minutes of running, then repeat. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to post a negative split, but we altered our bike and run route a little bit each time to include different hills. My legs were burning by the end but I managed a slight sprint.

This next week of training will be significantly subdued because of my illness, which scares me just two weeks before a sprint distance triathlon. Luckily, there is still plenty of time before my 10k tune up race at the end of August and Olympic distance triathlon in September!


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