Building Back Up to Speed

Don’t worry, I will post last week’s training recap with this week’s on Sunday (post race, ah!), but I thought instead this week I would offer a treat of a real post.

After my last triathlon in May, my hip was bothering me and the coming month of June meant moving the Beast and me from two separate apartments into one and some long days at work that meant working out would be minimal if it happened at all. I decided to take the month of June off/very easy, so that I could tackle July and my training with renewed vigor and with a healed hip.

The good news is that my hip is feeling infinitely better. It gets sore when I run long distance, but I have figured out how to fix it on my bike (the Beast noticed while on my trainer that my knees flare out a little bit, so I have to consciously think about drawing them in and keeping them tight to the bike).

The bad news…all my gains running faster went out the window. Just like that. Running under a 10 minute/mile pace for my 5k, well, we will see if I can pull it off on Sunday, but I honestly don’t think I can or it will be a serious struggle. The frustration with being slower has made me reluctant to run again and if I skip a workout it is almost always running.

I went back and looked at my training log at the beginning of the year and I was consistently doing 20+ mile running weeks, and right now I am not even close to that, but I am trying to exercise patience. I am learning again that I need to push myself a little to get the faster results, that running shouldn’t always be easy to do (unless I am doing my long run or an easy/recovery run). I can push myself and I should. So today, after my swim, I clocked a negative split run with a very hilly run, and even though it was slow, I was pushing myself. I could feel again what it was to hit a 10:30 pace, but try as I might, I couldn’t get the pace to go under 10 minutes. Apparently that is now reserved for speed training.

Running faster again is going to take time and diligence, and I am going to have to concentrate on it a little bit more. It is now my weakest sport when before it was a toss up with my bike, though my run was improving.

But I have plans on Sunday to see what this body can do. More on that later this week.


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