Begin Anew

Time to turn over a new leaf. I am headed on my first vacation in over a year this Saturday and while part of me is tempted to push back my serious training until after vacation that would mean missing two weeks of serious running and not being really ready for the Richmond Half Marathon in mid-November. So the serious running starts tomorrow. I know, it should start today, but I accidentally scheduled a dinner with friends for this evening and my legs are surprisingly sore from yesterday’s sprint triathlon that I did not go that fast in.

I have noticed a pattern over my last two triathlon seasons. I start the season strong, ready to race after a winter of training and not racing, then summer and warmer weather comes and it gets harder to fit everything in, so I begin to slack off and by the end of the season you can really see it in my race results. Then I get frustrated. I get upset with myself, and then the cycle starts all over again.

The Beast and I are both a little fed up to put it mildly. He’s put on some weight, I’ve been maintaining an weight I want to shed, and so we are embarking on that. We are starting to clean up our diet reasonably and get more days in the gym.

As we shift into fall/winter training I am planning on focusing on running and lifting with a little bit of swimming and biking thrown in. I need to improve my run and my bike the most, but I really want to focus on my running for the time being and then get to biking later. I notice those are the two places I get passed the most, with the run being the biggest place.

I’ve got big plans for next year and a lot of things I want to accomplish, but most of all I want to finally get to a place with my body where I am really truly happy and where I am pushing myself running and in triathlons. I am ready to set PRs all over the place and be a little faster and stronger.

So here goes nothing.


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