Studies Are Right For A Reason

When the Beast and I moved in together I read a ton of things about how you will both gain weight but I figured we had already done at when we first started dating so we would be fine this time.

I was so wrong.

The first few months went well, for me at least. I was sticking to my workouts and killing it after the hub bub of moving and apartment hunting. The Beast was adjusting to life in DC, a place he loathes.

Then life seemed to speed up and suddenly working out wasn’t as easy to do and eating bad was terribly easy to do. It’s like living with your best friend who you steal all the cookies from the cookie jar with. We were constantly looking for something sweet or savory and high in calories. It was fun but now at the end of a couple of months of this, I feel gross. I feel bloated and fat and frankly I’ve put on 5 pounds that is the difference between clothes fitting and looking good and everything being tight and only wearing oversized shorts.

Its a cycle I go through every few months but I am determined to stop it and beat this “sweet” tooth (or more like taste buds that crave everything bad for me). And this time hopefully the Beast can help me to resist all the cookies and cakes and pies and ice cream and…well you get it.


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