Richmond Half Marathon Goals

I am literally sitting in the parking lot of the expo waiting for my mom to arrive (and the expo to open) to go inside the day before the half marathon. I haven’t run this distance since the Nike Women’s Half in April and I think that due to lack of training I will be luckily to do the same as I did there. The last three weeks have been phenomenal but I don’t know of that will be enough. Which is why I am laying out my goals and expectations for tomorrow.

A Goal: half marathon PR. My current PR is from last year’s Richmond half at 2:30:49. I may be off a little on the seconds but regardless I would like to get under 2:30 and if I have a good day tomorrow I think this is achievable.

B Goal: under a 12 minute pace. If I can’t PR I would like to keep my average pace under 12 minutes, which I think I could do easily.

C Goal or everything goes to shit goal: finish with a smile on my face and glad to be able to run a half marathon and do it with my mom.

She’s here! Time to enjoy!


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One response to “Richmond Half Marathon Goals”

  1. caronbot says :

    Those are realistic expectations. I wish more people would set attainable goals.

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