The Big One

You may have guessed it. I did already post it on Instagram for those who look there, but this next year just got a little bit (okay, a lotta bit) crazier.

As I was skimming over my Facebook feed the day before the Richmond Half Marathon, I noticed a couple of good friends of the Beast and I had signed up for Ironman Maryland. They had tried to convince me to do a Half Ironman in September with 6 weeks of training. I declined, but kind of regretted it even though I knew it would wreck me trying to do that much training in such a short period of time. After the race, the two boys talked about doing Ironman Florida in 2015 and asked me to join. Though I had considered an Ironman for 2015, Florida was just a little too far and expensive with travel costs for me, so I considered myself safe.

When I saw they registered for Maryland, I was overcome with emotions. Jealousy being the dominate one. How can these two men who have only ever done one triathlon and are not as committed or knowledgeable about the sport just sign up and decide to do an Ironman?! Don’t they know what goes into it? How hard it is?

The truth was, I wanted to do it, and I was scared to do it. I’ve competed in a couple of seasons of triathlon doing sprints and peaked with an Olympic distance triathlon this past September. According to my ultimate triathlon plan, I would peak with a half in 2015, and then go for the big one in 2016. Steady, logical, orderly. The way I like to do things.

But I couldn’t get over this feeling of “how dare you encroach upon my sport, you newbie, and think you can conquer it” jealousy feeling. (Note, I did not include rational in my list of descriptions about me). This was my dream and they were taking it away.

Until our friend Allen asked me to do it with them.

My first thought was, no, are you crazy, I have a PLAN I am sticking to, like a normal sane person does. But the more I thought about it, the more I wondered why? Why do I need to wait? Why can’t I go for it now? Because I haven’t done a marathon or half Ironman yet? So what.

So, I texted the Beast and ran the crazy idea past him. And he responded in his normal, I will support whatever you want to do. I told him it would be hard and I would need to start soon and it would be expensive and it would be trying and he would never see me on the weekend. He shrugged it off and told me to do it anyway.

Then standing in the middle of a JoAnn Fabrics store, I did it. I clicked the very expensive Register button.

I am registered for Ironman Maryland 2015.

I am going to be an Ironman.

So strap in, things on this blog are going to get a little bumpy, including the introduction of the newest member in our stable later this week.



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8 responses to “The Big One”

  1. Tomasz Kaminski says :

    Good luck with Maryland Ironman 2015! It looks that I plan to keep to your original plan – 1/4 for 2014, 1/2 for 2015, and 1IM for 2016. Let me know how is your progress. BTW, are you on Strava?

  2. arnie118 says :

    Brilliant. I’ve signed up for ironman BARCELONA … Wohoooo. Good luck on your journey

  3. Tracy says :

    Wow, go you! My timeline is very similar to yours so far and I am planning on my first 70.3 in September 2015 and maybe an Ironman in 2016 or 2017? I haven’t 100% decided yet if that’s something I want to tackle, but I have friends who did their first full last month and I know that feeling of envy! Good for you for realizing that it’s something you want, even if you’re afraid of it, and having the guts to go after it. Will you do any halfs leading up to it? Excited to follow your training!

    • princessmaddysun says :

      You’ve got it! It’s definitely a lot to handle and I haven’t even begun the hard training. I took a long time to consider it and when I started triathlons I said I would never do one. Then the bug got me.

      I haven’t decided on my half yet but I still definitely be doing one!

      • Tracy S says :

        That’s so encouraging! I ran 2 marathons earlier this year and THAT was a ton of work, so I kind of can’t even imagine what training for an Ironman would be like. But if I’m totally honest…I want to find out eventually 😉 When I started running I said I’d never do a marathon (and look how that turned out) so I’m definitely not ruling out the Ironman. I’m apprehensive but excited about doing a half to get a better feel for what it would feel like to do that kind of distance.

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