Falling back in love

It’s been awhile since I was honestly and wholeheartedly excited for each workout. Yes, I still lay around in bed a little too long and get my workouts done later in the day rather than earlier, but I look forward to each one. And to be honest, it’s probably been since the summertime that I was excited to lace up my shoes or hop on my bike or put on my goggles.

For a little while there I wasn’t in love with triathlon or running. It seemed like a chore and it sure felt like one too. My paces started to slip and I was missing key workouts and easy workouts and just workouts in general. I fell into a slug routine that I haven’t done in quite awhile. I used to never workout and now going without working out for a week feels weird and even during this time, I got a little tinge of what the hell are you doing?

To add to the discouragement because of my undertraining, I did less than spectacular at my Olympic distance triathlon and the Richmond half marathon. If I had kept up my July/August training, I would have been golden, but I didn’t and then suddenly it was cram all my key workouts in with as little time as possible. Really, not the smartest plan I’ve ever had, especially since I pride myself on being a planner.

Signing up for an Ironman though, I realize that that strategy is not going to work this time. I can’t slack off for days at a time, barring illness. I need to be diligent. I need to be determined. I need to work hard, every single damn day.

Which is why I am glad that the eagerness is back, the drive to get out there and change my body and my speed. I want to change, I want to get better, I want to enter Ironman knowing that this is the best that I can do.

It probably also helps that I am joining a triathlon team soon, more details on that to follow once I actually join. I will also include the post on the newest addition to the Beast and I’s family soon (hint, it does not even remotely resemble a baby)

So it’s back to swimming and the pool despite the cold and long rides on my bike despite the pain and running despite the cold chill in my chest.



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