Tis the Season

I love Christmas. I love everything about it. I love the cold in the air that is so refreshing after the hot hot summer. I love buying gifts for my friends and family that make them truly happy. I love the lights and decorations. I love the feeling of hot chocolate in your hands. I love when snow decides to come to Virginia a little early. I love the time spent with the ones you love and care about. This list could go on forever.

This is the first Christmas where the Beast and I are living together, so I am trying to start some traditions. While I fell behind on being super crafty and making an advent calendar, we have managed to do some things that I intend on keeping.

1. Decorate the tree together. I had originally written this post about a tree I was going to make out of a tomato cage because I was going to be thrifty (cheap). Then I came home on Monday night and the Beast had gotten me our first Christmas tree. I have never been more happy than when I walked in to have our living room lit up, literally like a Christmas tree.


The Beast and I during our vacation out West in October also decided (a bit belatedly in our relationship) that we would start collecting ornaments whenever we took a vacation, so here are a few we picked up.

2. Toys for Tots. My dad started this tradition for my sisters and I years ago. In December, we would head to a toys store and my dad gave each of us a limit of $50 to spend. We could get one girl toy and one boy toy, multiple toys, really whatever, as long as it ended up being roughly $50. Toys R Us is the easiest store for this normally because they have the bin for Toys for Tots inside (or at least most of them do). We spend at least an hour looking at all of the toy options and finding the things that we want the most to play with then we buy them and put them in the bin.


It is heart warming and wonderful and makes me hope that on Christmas morning some little girl or boy opens a present that brings them joy. This year, the Beast and I found Legos and a princess dress up kit. The Beast loves doing this and when I was debating the toy I wanted to get he pushed me towards the dress up kit because he said every little girl deserves to feel like a princess and believe she has a chance of becoming one. Him saying that warmed my heart and now I know no matter how rough times are financially for us, we will always do this tradition.

3. Do kind acts every day. These can be big or small. Most of the ones that we do are small. On Black Friday, a store employee at Target told us they were bringing XboxOnes from the back and it would be about 10 minutes. Not everyone waiting received the same message and a couple of older teenage boys and their dad waited but then decided to go checkout looking downtrodden. We wondered why they had gone away, and not a minute later about 20 gaming systems were wheeled out. I quickly grabbed two and had the Beast go find the family so that we could guarantee they would have one. I have never seen a family more appreciative or thankful.

Most often my kind deeds are complimenting someone because that always makes my day better, especially when it comes from a stranger.

4. Christmas movies. Love Actually, Rudolph, It’s a Wonderful Life, any and all of them. The Beast insists that Die Hard is a Christmas movie because it takes place at Christmastime, but I let him have that one.

Those are just a few of the things we do and as time goes on we will probably find more things to do. What do you do for Christmas? What are the traditions in your family?


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