Olympic Distance Triathlon Training Week 5 & 6

Finally reporting on how the past two weeks of training have gone and I am planning on putting the race report from this past weekend up once I have some photos to share with you all. I also have a few pieces of news to share with you all very shortly, but I don’t want to give anything away yet!

Monday: 2000m swim; chest/back weights This was the last time I really got weights in for awhile…because well, I slacked off and was focusing on cardio and I will forever struggle to get everything I want into a week without a few extra hours each week.

Tuesday: 60 minute bike; 30 minute easy run

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: 1800m swim

Friday: Lazy day off

Saturday: 90 minute bike

Sunday: 8 mile run These are getting a little easier to do, but still rough.

Monday: 90 minute easy bike

Tuesday: 30 minute easy run; 2000m swim

Wednesday: OFF

Thursday: 60 minute spin class

Friday/Saturday: Off/Rest

Sunday: Pink Power Sprint Triathlon

I apologize that this recap was so short and so boring, but there isn’t much to say about training right now. I have my Olympic distance triathlon coming up shortly and I am getting nervous as hell to do it. But then I have some more interesting stuff in the works that I am trying to do. Just you wait. I promise more soon.


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